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Remote diagnostics of cargo vehicles (trucks, tractors, semi-trailers, etc.) using the VRD system

VRD-Server is communication equipment that allows a technician to remotely diagnose trucks, semi-trailers, tractors, refrigerators, etc. without visiting the site.
What is remote diagnostics procedure with the use of VRD?


First, VRD-Control software is installed on the technician’s computer


Once an order is placed, the VRD-Server communication equipment is connected to the computer via USB port


Next, the technician can carry out remote diagnostics of a vehicle in the same way as if it was carried out on site
Next, the technician can carry out remote diagnostics of a vehicle in the same way as if it was carried out on site.
How data is exchanged between the technician’s VRD-Server and vehicle’s VRD-Client?
The devices communicate using a GSM (4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi channel.
What does a technician need to run remote diagnostics using VRD?
  • 1) PC or laptop with Internet connectivity (GSM (4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi)
  • 2) VRD-Control software (supplied with the equipment, find the download link on the official website)
  • 3) VRD-Server kit
  • • VRD-Server equipment
  • • OBD-II cable
  • • Micro-USB cable
  • • 12/24 V power supply unit
What diagnostic programs does VRD work with?

There are no software restrictions when using the communication equipment for remote diagnostics. Diagnostic technicians may analyze a vehicle using any available programs:

  • - for VOLVO RENAULT (Tech Tool)
  • - for SCANIA (SDP3)
  • - for MAN (MAN CATS)
  • - for DAF (Davie)
  • - for IVECO (EASY)
  • - for Mercedes-Benz (Xentry DAS)
  • - for AGCO, JOHN DEERE, JCB, jungheinrich and many others
How does VRD benefit the diagnostic technician?

Saving time

Technician does not need to visit the site personally and waste time for travel

Saving money

No costs for travel to the cargo vehicle’s location

Own client base

The diagnostic technician may have his regular clients connected to a remote diagnostic network using the VRD-Client client device and provide remote assistance irrespective of actual location of a vehicle

Expanded client base

The VRD service works throughout Russia, so the diagnostic technician can receive an order irrespective of his physical location

Higher income

The use of VRD saves travel time and, therefore, the technician can fulfill more orders during the day

How much does the VRD kit cost?

The cost of equipment depends on the scope of equipment purchased.

  • • Price of VRD-Server
  • • Price of VRD-Client

You can find out more information about the equipment or the price of the VRD kit for remote diagnostics of cargo vehicles from VRD experts by phone or by leaving a request on the website.

What is VRD system?
VRD system allows a serviceman to remotely assess the technical condition of a vehicle.
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Server VRDS
Held by a serviceman and can be connected to a computer via USB and to a VCI diagnostic device via the universal OBD-II cable.
Works with the VRD-control software installed on the serviceman's computer.
Client VRDC
Held by the client and can be connected to the vehicle via the universal OBD-II cable.
Supports Internet connection via wireless systems: GSM(4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi.
Structural diagram
Equipment kit
VRDServer +
VRD-control software
OBD-II cable
(DB25-OBD2_Female- DC2.1_F)
12/24V power supply unit
OBD-II cable
What are VRD system's advantages over traditional computer diagnostics?
It works
You can diagnose your vehicle without a need to visit a service station or invite a serviceman.
in 2 hours
If there is a problem, contact a specialist. He will check the condition of the vehicle online.
One VRDS device for a group of vehicles
The VRD system diagnoses a group of vehicles using just one VRDS server device. However, the VRDC client device is required to be installed on each vehicle.
Flexible work system
Different VRDS server devices and VRDC client devices can switch between each other. But only within one account, for now.
VRDServer device + VRD-control software
VRDClient device
OBD-II cable (DB25-OBD2_Female- DC2.1_F)
OBD-II cable (DB25-OBD2-male)
Micro-USB cable
12/24V power supply unit (DC2.1-M)
Wi-Fi/LTE antennas
VRDServer device + VRD-control software
OBD-II cable (DB25-OBD2_Female- DC2.1_F)
Micro-USB cable
12/24V power supply unit (DC2.1-M)
VRDClient device
OBD-II cable (DB25-OBD2-male)
Wi-Fi/LTE antennas
Connection sequence
The VRDСlient client device is connected to the diagnostic buses via the OBD-II connector. Then it is registered on the VRD server.
The VRDServer device is connected to a communication adapter (VCI) with compatible diagnostic software.
The VRD-control software configures the wireless communication between VRDC and VRDS. It transfers data between the vehicle and VCI.
What do you get?
Money and time saved
No more need to visit a service station or invite a serviceman. Reduced vehicle downtime.
Present condition of the vehicle completely clarified
Find errors and troubles.
Maintenance planned
Identify potential troubles before they take the vehicle out of operation.