Remote diagnostics of cargo vehicles (MAN, VOLVO, JAC, SCANIA, etc.) using VRD-Client

VRD-Client is communication equipment for remote diagnostics of cargo vehicles (dump trucks, tractors, semi-trailers, etc.) throughout Russia.
What can it be used for?
Quick diagnostics of a cargo vehicle in case of breakdown
Scheduled pre-trip inspection of vehicles
Updating software of control units
Equipment calibration
How does VRD-Client work?


The equipment is first installed in the vehicle and normally turned off


In case of a malfunction/error or during a routine inspection, the driver himself turns on the equipment


The diagnostic technician connects his computer via a communication channel to the vehicle and examines possible problems (as if this happened at a service station)


Having the diagnostic procedure completed, the driver receives a vehicle condition report presenting necessary details to fix the problems. The cargo vehicle speed limit is lifted.
System work video

2 minutes

How does the connection between the vehicle and the technicians?
To transfer data, just insert a modem telephone SIM card with GSM (4G/LTE) into the VRD-Client or connect to Wi-Fi.
What cargo vehicles can VRD be installed on?
The data transmission device can be installed on vehicles of:
  • Any type (semi-trailers, dump trucks, refrigerators, container trucks, boom trucks, tank trucks, timber trucks, etc.)
  • Any tonnage (up to 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, etc.)
  • Any brand (MAN, Volvo, Renault, DAF, JAC, Scania, IVECO, etc.)
  • New or used.
How much does cargo vehicle remote diagnostics cost?
The cost of remote diagnostics includes:

Price of VRD-Client communication equipment (one-time investment)

The price of the kit may vary from 15,000 rubles up to 40,000 rubles depending on the scope of equipment to be supplied

Price of diagnostic technician’s remote work

How does VRD benefit the driver?

Saving time

— Vehicle diagnostics is carried out in the shortest possible time. A technician does not need to visit the site

— Vehicle diagnostics is carried out in the shortest possible time. A technician does not need to visit the site

— The diagnostic technician can remotely lift the vehicle speed limit (up to 20 km/h).

Saving money

If a vehicle needs to be towed due to no service station nearby, the problem may be solved remotely. Savings can reach 1 million rubles.

High-quality maintenance

The VRD system allows the driver to contact a trusted diagnostic technician or service station from anywhere in Russia for diagnostics.

How to install the VRD-Client remote diagnostic system?

You can install the system yourself or ask for help at a service station convenient for you.

Equipment installation takes 15-20 minutes.

The scope of supply includes everything necessary for installation and operation of the equipment, except for the SIM card:

  • 1) VRD-Client device
  • 2) OBD-II cable (OB25-OBD2-male)
  • 3) Wi-Fi antenna
  • 4) LTE antenna

You can find out more about the price of equipment and ask any questions by contacting VRD specialists or by leaving a request on the website.

VRD-Client client device
Held by the client and can be connected to the vehicle via the universal OBD-II cable.
Supports Internet connection via wireless systems: GSM(4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi.

Video about the system

  • VRD-Client device
  • OBD-II cable (OB25-OBD2-male)
  • Wi-Fi/LTE antennas
Structural diagram
Equipment kit
OBD-II cable
What do you get?
Money and time saved
No more need to visit a service station or invite a serviceman. Reduced vehicle downtime.
Present condition of the vehicle completely clarified
Find errors and troubles.
Maintenance planned
Identify potential troubles before they take the vehicle out of operation.