What is required to connect to a car?
Our product includes a separate mobile device held by the driver. It comes with a cable for connecting to OBD-II. Then, the device uses a mobile communication link or Wi-Fi to communicate with the software operated by the diagnostic technician.
How our mobile unit communicates with the manufacturer's VCI?
The VRDC device is connected to the vehicle via the OBD-II cable and to the Internet via GSM(4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi. The VRDS device is connected to the user's computer via the USB interface and works with the VRD CONTROL software. Also, the local device is connected to the VCI diagnostic connector via the interface cable (OBD2). Then, the diagnostic technician can use the specialized diagnostic software as if the VCI were directly connected to the vehicle to be checked. The diagnostic process also requires a communication server. This may be: • Local server: the VRD CONTROL software acts as a server, and the remote VRDC device communicates with the local VRDS device directly through the user's computer during the diagnostic session.
Can the manufacturer's software be installed together with our software on the same device?
Yes. These programs do not interfere with each other, although installed on the same desktop or laptop.
What interface does our equipment work with?
• 2x CAN (2.0b) 125-1000 kb/s; • 8x K-Line; • J1708;
How a mobile device is selected in our software?
The mobile device has its own serial number, which will be entered in your company's personal account.
Does any data remain on the server?
No. Our device does nothing but transfers data between the vehicle and VCI. No data is stored anywhere.
Can one VRDC be used for multiple vehicles?
Yes. Remote diagnostics of a large fleet of vehicles requires only one local device, while the number of remote devices is not limited.
What operation can be performed through our device?
• Diagnostics of systems • Parameterization
How long this device may be used (what is the license period)?
The license period is ___ and an extension is offered.
How do I know the remaining time?
This time will be shown in the VRD CONTROL software; it can be also communicated via e-mail or cell phone message.
What may cause errors in reading vehicle data and in running remote diagnostic procedures?
Errors may happen due to poor Internet connection and, accordingly, high data transmission delays. If this happens, try using another mobile provider's SIM card or positioning the LTE antenna where it is not screened by surrounding objects; also make sure that the VRD CONTROL software has stable access to a high-speed Internet connection link.
What is your difference from other similar products?
There are no similar products on the market, because what we offer is not a kind of diagnostic equipment. Our device connects the vehicle directly to the manufacturer's equipment.
How can I distinguish VRDC units from each other?
The VRDC units have unique serial numbers.
What SIM card is needed for the mobile unit to work?
Service provider: Tele2, MTS, Beeline, Megafon; No limitations associated with the regions of the Russian Federation; SIM card size: mini-SIM; Support for mobile technology: LTE (4G) Static IP-address; Minimum available Internet traffic volume: 1 GB.
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